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Crunches Are for Women

A visible 6-pack is less of an indicator of going hard at the gym, but instead going hard on your diet. This, of course, is bad news for most of us. Wouldn’t it be great to eat McDonald’s and ice cream and drink beer every day, and just offset these with tremendous workouts?

Unfortuntaely, it doesn’t work like this. One must be disciplined not only in how you lift, but also in how you eat. Recently I’ve gone off my diet mainly because I’ve started working full time and my shared apartment is so digusting as to be a health hazard if ever I were to cook here gain. Fortunately I am moving out of here sometime in February or March, and will dedicate myself to cooking daily afterward.

Until that time, it’s going to be more about maintenance.


1. Superset — Woodchoppers into Weighted Planks (1 minute): Started out with a BITCH of a workout. First set warm-up like always. If you don’t know what woodchuckers are, please refer to the video below. Fantastic abdominal workout, especially for the obliques.

After a woodchuck set (no weight, 10kg, 15kg,  15kg, 17.5kg), I went right into minute-long planks (no weight, 10kg afterward). In conjunction these two workouts are lethal, and will help to build an exceptional core.

2. Superset — Hanging leg circles to weighted leg lifts to leg raises: Here the key is LOWER ABS. And no rest to boost the intensity. For the leg lifts, sit on a bench and put a dumbbell between your feet, then lean back (making sure to hold onto the bench for support–otherwise you’ll hurt your back because of the dumbbell weight), and lift your legs up. 10 reps with heavy weight. Drop the dumbbell then go immediately into leg lifts on the same bench, also 10 reps. After 4 sets your abs should be sufficiently tired.

3. Superset — Free-for-all: From here on out it was mostly a free-for-all, not by choice but because people kept stealing my machines! Below is the list of how I finished my workout:

-Ab roller

-25kg oblique crunch on that lower back apparatus (anybody know what that’s called?)

-Ab roller

-Superset — Russian twist with 10kg to Standing oblique crunch with 25 kg (2 sets)

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