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if someone can build taipei 101… then i can run for 20 minutes

I finished work at 8pm tonight. I left the office feeling droopy-eyed, listless, uninspired. Gym clothes were with me but my mind was elsewhere–specifically at home, where I wanted to be, where I planned to go directly from the office, even if that meant–ESPECIALLY IF THAT MEANT–skipping tonight’s workout.

That’s when I saw her. The behemoth of all behemoths: Taipei 101. 6th tallest building in the world. My office sits two football fields away from the beast. I exited the lobby’s front doors and there she was, like a rogue boner at a retirement home during nap time.


You look up and any mind that respects remarkability says to himself, “I can’t believe someone built this. I can’t believe this wasn’t always here. Before there was nothing, just trivial space. Now there’s 101 floors of proof of the gut-wrenching genius that is mankind.”

I was supposed to skip tonight’s run at the track. But after the above thought cut through to me, I had the epiphany moment: if someone can build Taipei 101, then surely I can go to the track even while tired, and sprint for 20 minutes.

So I redirected my steps.


For those of you unfamiliar with HIIT, it’s intermittent quick intensity followed by quick rest, immediately followed with more quick intensity, and so on and so forth.

What that entailed for me today:

Sprint 70 meters as hard as you can. Then walk back to the start line. Then sprint 70 meters as hard as you can again. Then walk back to the start line once more.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done HIIT so I felt winded and pained immediately. Only completed 4 back-and-forths the first go around. Then rested for about 3 minutes. Then did 3 more back-and-forths. The Taipei cold cut my body, namely legs and breath, like a fucking machete. Never the matter. Did 4 more back-and-forths. My first time doing HIIT in months. Maybe I cut myself some slack tonight but the important thing is that I SHOWED UP. 11 back-and-forths was plenty for me today. I’m gonna be feeling it all over tomorrow.

My goal is HIIT every Thursday. What’s your goal? What kind of HIIT do you do?

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