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Just Another Day at the Office

I took a gainz break this past weekend while visiting my lovely lady in Japan. Had a great time, though I ate and drank like shit. Glad, then, that it was back to business tonight (Tuesday) at 中正運動中心. One can only break from his precious gainz for so long.

Today’s target: CHEST AND TRICEPS.


One of my idols.


1. Dumbbell bench press (flat): Started with 27.5kg dumbbells. Upped the weight each set till I got to 37.5kg. Proceeded to do 3 sets till failure, which equated to 5, 4, and 3 reps respectively.

2. Superset — Straight-arm dumbbell pullover to Incline push-ups: It’s important to superset non-compound lifts (NCLs). Why? Because NCLs by nature are easier and less intense than their compound counterparts. Hence the superset, which guarantees a maintenance of high intensity requisite for a good workout.

The pullover is great to build a stacked upper chest. I used 27.5kg, then 30kg (4 sets). The key is, after the dumbbell has been lowered sufficiently behind your head, to extend the arms and pull straight back up while maintaining a hard flex. The upper chest gainz when pulling heavy weight on this one are surreal.

Anyway, I went right from a pullover set to 10 incline push-ups (feet on the bench, hands on the floor). Switch up the placement of your hands every now and then for variety and activation of different parts of the chest.

3. Dips: I can’t stress the importance of doing weighted dips. Unfortunately I didn’t have a workout partner today, and wasn’t up to the task of asking a TW guy to near my crotch with his face just to put weight in between my legs–and in Mandarin, no less. Wouldn’t have mattered much, because my arms felt like noodles for the duration of my non-weighted dips sesh. 4 sets of 10.

4. Butterflies: Cables are out of order, so I resorted to the butterfly machine. Just 1 set, 15 reps. Make sure to get a nice flex upon contracting.

OVERALL, solid workout. It’s easy to lose momentum after you’ve gone a few days without lifting. The important thing is to push all considerations aside and just go to the gym anyway. Hence my titling of this post “Just Another Day at the Office.” Make that shit like clockwork.

I know some of you are thinking, “That’s it? 4 exercises and he’s done?” Hold up, haters. I went heavy as shit today, pressing 37.5kg on each hand, which is the heaviest dumbbell in the CKS gym. After pullovers, push-ups, and dipping your own weight, I knew any other lifts would’ve been counterproductive. Better not to overtrain. My workout today spanned 45 minutes. Anything over an hour is too much. Just as important as working out hard, is working out smart.

Till next time, fellow Gainerz.

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