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Polishing the Guns

LAST NIGHT’S (FRI 1/23) TARGET: Biceps, Back, and light Shoulders

1. Weighted pull-ups (alternating grip): One of my favorite workouts. An absolute MUST for a bigger, broader back.


If you have a belt you can tie a plate around it. If you don’t have a belt like me, however, dumbbells work just as well. What you have to do is this: pull yourself up, then cross your legs. Have a friend put the dumbbell between your legs. The cross between your feet will hold the dumbbell up. Pull up until failure. Afterward, uncross your feet, let the dumbbell fall, and keep on with your now-unweighted pull-ups till failure. 5 sets.

2. Superset — Standing alternating bicep curls to Alternating shoulder flies: I always start with a warm-up set, light weight (15-20 pounds). Then I go heavy, such that I can only do 6 or 7 reps before reaching failure. Last night I curled 40 pounds, alternating to extend stamina. Immediately after, I did alternating shoulder flies, 20 pounds, 10 reps. How I do it is, I lean over the dumbbell rack and put one hand on a random top-shelf dumbbell for support. Then I do my flies, making sure to flex my shoulder on the way down. Switch hands after 10 reps. Rest a little bit, then it’s rinse, lather, repeat.

3. Superset — Lat pulldowns (narrow grip) to Dumbbell hammer curls: My motto is SUPERSET EVERYTHING (unless it’s a hardcore compound lift). 4 sets.

4. Alternating cable shoulder flies: 1 giant set till failure: Set the cable so the handle is on the ground. Pick it up with your left hand, then do as many flies as you can. Upon failure, switch and do the same amount of flies with your right hand. Without resting, go immediately back to the left hand, till failure once more. Then right hand. Do this a total of 4 times for each hand. Your shoulders should be burning afterward.

5. Dumbbell rows: I was tired by this point, so I only did 2 setes. 1st set 37.5kg (82.5lb), then 2nd set 35kg (77lb).

Overall good, solid workout. Stamina could’ve been better. Finished within 45 minutes.

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